What is Polar Army?

Founded by 11 year old, Bryce Madder, Polar Army is an educational Non-Profit Company for kids dedicated to saving polar bears. Polar Army aims to educate children about global warming, its impact on the Arctic, and ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It does this through a global art initiative, youth ambassador program, school partnerships, brand/corporate sponsors, and business collaborations. Polar Army is a 501c3 Non-Profit Company. All donations are tax deductible.

Who is already involved?

Polar Army has already allied itself with these amazing teams of people to help combat the effects of climate change: Carnevale Interactive, SeyferthPR, Grand Rapids Children's Museum, Celebration Cinema and Kendall College of Art & Design.

My vision is to use art to change the world, and at the same time, inspire a new generation of leaders.

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What is climate change?

Climate change is a term describing the fact that the Earth’s climate patterns are changing over time. The way humans live and their reliance on fossil fuels has increased the levels of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere, contributing to climate change and making our planet warmer and warmer. This is also called Global Warming. Because the planet is getting hotter, the ice deposits in the Arctic have begun to melt, greatly affecting the security of polar bears and other wildlife found there.

A pool of glacial runoff in Antarctica

The ice maps are melting at an unprecedented rate

Ways to Stop Climate Change from Home

Turn off the lights when you leave a room.
Play less video games and watch less TV.
Rely on solar, wind, or other alternative energies.
Instead of driving, walk or ride a bike more often.
Raise your thermostat by 2° in the summer and lower it by 2° in the winter.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Devastating Impacts of Global Climate Change

Sea levels will rise.
Coastal cities will flood.
Weather patterns will be severe.
Spring will come sooner.
Ecosystems will be destroyed.
Habitats will disappear.
Some animals will face extinction.

Make Some Art. Make a Difference.

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